Sacramento 247 Locksmiths

When Can You Arrive?

Fast! In fact, extremely fast!


When you call us at (916) 620-9436 you can expect a locksmith at your doorstep or any Sacramento metro address within 20 MINUTES!


You could as go the appointment route as well. We work on all holidays and weekends!


In short, call us anytime for super fast service.

What Are Your Working Hours?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


We encourage proactive behavior when it comes to security, so we don’t even charge any extra payment for emergency calls during weekends and holidays!


Call us NOW at (916) 620-9436!

What Is A “Rekey”?

rekey is the affordable alternative to a lock change.


What this means is instead of switching out your whole lock mechanism and thus incurring increased charges for parts, we can use the existing lock and “just” change the “combination.


The process is a little more complicated than that but thats the gist of it.

What Types of Car Keys Can You Replace?

Our auto locksmiths can replace any type of car key, for any make and model car, including the following:



If you have any questions, dial (916) 620-9436 now and we’ll be more than glad to provide any information you might be looking for!

How Can I Get An Estimate?

Well simply dial (916) 620-9436 to reach a LIVE dispatcher who can answer your every question…EXPERTLY.


Or you could simply fill out our online form located at the bottom of every page or take a detour to our Contact Page

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