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The Locksmith That Made Me Safe
I am a woman in her forties and I have a nice job. The salary is also fine and just enough for myself since I have never married and I live alone in a small house. My needs are not expensive and I can still enjoy in small things that make the everyday life. However, in the has recently been reported that the crime rate has increased during the last several months, probably due to the economic crisis which is still ongoing and I must admit that I felt a bit scared especially because I am a woman and because I live alone. Read more...

Resistant Locks
When a broader categorization of locks is concerned, there are those that fall into the category of resistant locks. Other categories of this level are basic locks, high security locks and ‘unpickable’ locks. The differences among the mentioned categories lie in the level of security they provide, starting from the basic which provide almost no security at all, to the ‘unpickable’ which provide the highest security level. However, this article will deal with the category of resistant locks. Read more...

The History of Locks
Ever since a human has become a productive being who can provide food and other necessities for oneself, there has been a need to preserve these possessions from the others in order to survive. Over the time, the ways of keeping one’s things safe has developed and went from a hidden hole in a cave to different types of storage objects which are secured by a lock. Of course, the lock as a mechanism now serves not only to keep our stuff safe, but also to keep ourselves safe in today’s world of unpredictable occurrences. Read more...